"Made by parents, for parents"


BeddyByes was created because existing brands and their products didn't meet our needs and expectations.

As our newborn daughter battled eczema and skin rashes as a result of allergic reactions, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We began with a makeshift crib sheet and a baby hat made out of satin, but quickly realised the synthetic material caused overheating which aggravated our baby's condition.

Driven by the necessity to find an alternative solution, we consulted with dermatologists, paediatricians and learnt all about natural fabrics and their properties which led us to choose silk due to its natural hypoallergenic composition.

We designed a prototype sheet, made entirely of Mulberry Silk, which not only helped our daughter's skin heal, but also prevented loss of hair and the formation of the dreaded bald spot, a common sight among infants.

Wowed by the results we were convinced this product could help other parents too and that's when we decided to form BeddyByes. The rest, as they say, is history!

BeddyByes co-founders, Natasha & Luca



  1. a child's word for bed.
    "beddy-byes for both of us — I'm worn out"